Saturday, Feb 15, 2020

Chef’s Specials & Info

Executive Chef “O”, Sous Chef Nicholas, Asst. Sous Chef Colby


  1. Hot Dip for your Chips, a cheesy, meaty sauce w/sautéed peppers & onions; Dip and enjoy
  2. BBQ Ham Steak, O’s mashed potatoes, corn, deep-fried pork belly/beef sausage and all on top of a small salad
  3. Homework Discount (Children 10 to 18 yrs. ), work on any homework/reading a book,  receive 25% off food and free fountain drink w/purchase of a meal


Soup of the week (S.O.D.): Cheesy Creamy Tomato & Brat


Don’t forget to order our Gourmet Coffees, served through-out the night