Saturday, Oct. 12, 2019

Chef’s Specials

By Owner & Executive Chef “O”, Sous Chef Nicholas,

Asst. Sous Chef Colby


  1. Chips & Chips, Deep-fried tortillas & red chips seasoned & top w/crispy crumbled kale & side of two dipping sauces
  2. Your Choice of Goat Steak (limited) or Lamb loin chops (Limited), both come w/mashed potatoes, sautéed Brussel Sprouts and cream sauce
  3. Bud-light $2 a pint
  4. Chef Challenge (Limited)

Soup of the week (S.O.D.): Pepper Steak, Veggie topped w/Cheese

Sunday Suppers 11 pm-2pm & our Seafood Boil Bowls, Reg. Dinner Menu 10% off Sundays

Lunch Wed-Fri. 11am-2pm

Dinner Wed-Sat. 4 pm to 8:30/9 pm

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